Center for Socio-Economic Studies and Multiculturalism

The Center for Socio-Economic Studies and Multiculturalism was created to promote greater research, dialogue and awareness among the diverse cultures and backgrounds of individuals involved in Romanian business, academia and social organizations.

The activity of the Center is to support research, train students, host lectures, seminars, conferences and to disseminate its findings among young professionals, decision makers, and the general public.

It is the position of the Center that multiculturalism and diversity are essential factors for development and human welfare. Skills and knowledge often have a cultural specificity with various people from diverse backgrounds possessing different culturally reinforced skills, knowledge and experiences. When mutually relevant and interconnected, cultural diversity can create an environment in which complementarity provides a significant advantage in the development of establishing relationships and communication among people.

The Center approaches multiculturalism and diversity from an interdisciplinary perspective based on anthropology, economics and organizational theory. It focuses on the role of multiculturalism and diversity in innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

National culture can be a field of reflection for both management theory and praxis. It offers solutions at both organizational and individual level. The Centerís activity additionally focuses on the nexus among national culture, management, leadership, innovation, business ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The founding members of the Center for Socio-Economic Studies and Multiculturalism are Liviu Warter (Vice President of the Center) and Iulian Warter (President of the Center).† Management of the Center is assisted by a Board of Advisors, comprised of noted business, academic and community leaders. An extensive range of additional collaborators is developed with experts in academia, business, and organizations involved with establishing public policy.