“International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Young people from Iasi and the memory of the Holocaust in the community”

 Iasi, Romania, January 27, 2017

The symposium is organized by The Center for Socio-Economic Studies and Multiculturalism (CSESM), Iasi, Romania in partnership with The "Elie Wiesel" National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania (INSHR- EW) and Iasi City Hall.

Symposium tackles an issue of major relevance in the current socio-political context that promotes multiculturalism and tolerance in all its aspects.

The symposium is a scientific event which aims to popularize the Holocaust among young people. It is a useful and necessary educational tool which will enable the lessons of history to become instruments through which young people can contribute to building a society based on tolerance and respect between people and nations, indispensable values in the current multicultural context. To this end, the symposium will be addressed, in addition to historical aspects of the Holocaust to current issues of cultural diversity.

The symposium will bring together noted academic and community leaders. Their expertise in various domains and their recognized work in the field are likely to promote scientifically grounded dialogue in historical and contemporary reality.

The presentations given at the symposium will be the starting point for debating the proposed issues. In this way, the symposium will be an interactive event in which every opinion will be welcome and will help to broaden participants' perspectives on our society, facilitating its approach in terms of multiculturalism and tolerance.

The main objective of the symposium is to create an interdisciplinary environment for discussing and analyzing the Holocaust. This will be achieved by bringing together resources and ideas for a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and engaging in a dialogue on how to address the present and future of cultural diversity and how each person can help to honor the memory of Holocaust victims and to avoid similar events.

The symposium aims at the dissemination of Holocaust knowledge both among professionals and among general audience, focusing on the relationships between different cultures.



9.30 -10.00: Welcoming participants

10.00 - 10.20: Opening speech

           Mr. Mihai Chirica, Mayor of Iasi

10.20 - 11.00: "Antisemitic legislation during Holocaust- counterproductive to long-term development"

             Iulian Warter, PhD (CSESM)

11.00 - 11.30: "Representations of students on the Holocaust actors"

             Adina Babes, PhD (INSHR-EW)

11.30 - 11.40: Break

11.40 - 12.30: Film "Facing rhino"

                  Directed by Simcha Jacobovici

12.30 - 13.00: Discussions

Moderators:  Adina Babes, PhD (INSHR-EW)

                         Liviu Warter, PhD (CSESM)


January, 27

International Holocaust Remembrance Day


International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is the international memorial day on January 27 commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/7 on November 1, 2005 during the 42nd plenary session (www.un.org/en/holocaustremembrance/docs/res607.shtml).

             The resolution 60/7 urges every member nation of the U.N. to honor the memory of Holocaust victims, and encourages the development of educational programs about Holocaust history to help prevent future acts of genocide. It rejects any denial of the Holocaust as an event and condemns all manifestations of religious intolerance, incitement, harassment or violence against persons or communities based on ethnic origin or religious belief.

Center for Socio-Economic Studies and Multiculturalism