Issue  No.3/2018


Special Editor

Drs. Huib Wursten

Hofstede Insights Group, Netherlands




Huib Wursten


Evolution, Noosphere and the Idea of Happiness

Paulo Finuras


How Cultural Values Affect People’s Expectations and Their Attitudes Towards Happiness

Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza


Culture and “Happiness”- Some Reflections

Huib Wursten


Economic Growth and Happiness. Cultural Relativism

Hershey H. Friedman, Iulian Warter, Liviu Warter


A Brief Conversation on the Topic of Culture, Happiness and Subjective Well-Being 

Geert Hofstede, Pernilla Rorso


Letter to the Editor

George Simons

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)