Issue  No.4/2018




Iulian Warter


Counting on Creativity (Cultural Contexts of Knowledge)

Slawomir Magala


Leading Through Language: What Do You Speak (And Hear)?

Thomas Zweifel


In Life as on Paper? The Influence of Emotions on Personality Perceptions in an Interactive Setting

Ursula Hess, Michel Cossette, Shlomo David, Shlomo Hareli


Ethical Aspects of NATO-EU Cooperation

Florin Şuhan, Vasile Cocris


Three Theses on Recognition Culture and Human Security

Anton Carpinschi


Universality and Culturalism in the Management of European Projects in Pre-University Education

Vasile Cocris, Diana Vicol


Psychological Dimensions of the Political Behavior. Cognition, Emotions and Vote in Romanian Presidential Elections

Silviu-Petru Grecu


The Culture of Royalty Political Reintegration. The Case of Romania and Other Eastern-European Experiences in

Post-Communism and Before and After EU Accession

Alexandru Muraru


Multinational Companies - Between Hope and Disillusion

Ioana Buhac, Vasile Cocris


Book Review

Aurelian Virgil Băluţă

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)