Issue  No.3/2019

Special Editor

Drs. Huib Wursten

Hofstede Insights Group, Netherlands



Huib Wursten


Brexit and the Joy of Democracy

Berwyn Davies


Culture and Brexit: A Catastrophic Partnership

Stephen I. P. Martin


Democracy and the Need for Autonomy

Huib Wursten


The Avatars of Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe.

How Could Citizens Strengthen Democratic Integration in the European Union?

Anton Carpinschi


Democracy and Lifelong Learning, the Forgotten Sides of the Same Coin

Joseph Kessels


The Great Indian Democracy

Divya Susan Varkey


Democracy in Latin America

Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza


Of Wise Old Men and Rebellious Youth

Adnan R. Husain Cornelissen, Loes B. Husain-Cornelissen


Democracy in Africa and Ubuntu

Luc Zwaenepoel

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)