Issue  No.2/2020

Special Editors

Drs. Huib Wursten,

Author and Consultant, Netherlands



Beatrice Gabriela Ioan

"Grigore T Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iaşi, Romania

Dept. of Forensic Medicine





Huib Wursten, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan


A Global Pandemic in India

Divya Susan Varkey


The Fight against Corona from a Danish Cultural Perspective

Pernilla Rorso


Corona Revisited

Huib Wursten, Christi Degen


Pandemics & Culture: Could Historical Pathogenic Prevalence Reinforce Collectivism

Paulo Finuras


Forgiveness, Unforgiveness and Health

Adina Karner-Huțuleac


How Can Plato Be Relevant for Contemporary Medicine?

Tudor-Ștefan Rotaru


Confidentiality of the Medical Act - Between Patient Preferences and the Collective Risk

Andreea-Luiza Palamaru, Ioana-Florina Mihai, Elena Toader


Burnout Syndrome in Palliative Care

Ana-Roxana Gănceanu-Rusu, Elena Rezuș, Nicoleta Dima, Codruţa Bădescu, Daniela Tănase,

Anca Ouatu, Andreea Clim, Ana-Maria Pop, Minela Aida Mărănducă, Ciprian Rezuş


Burnout Syndrome in Forensic Pathology - Current Stage of Knowledge, Approach Proposals

Silviu Morar, Lilioara-Alexandra Muja


Managing the Migration of the Doctors in a Multicultural Context

Elena Toader


A Century Old Dream That May Turn Into a Nightmare

Mircea Gelu Buta


Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization. Arguments to Support Proper Counseling

Mihail Adeodatus Ungureanu, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan


General Principles Regarding Ethical Evaluation of Projects Involving Laboratory Animals in Scientific Research

Serban Morosan, Cristin Coman


The Utility of Respecting the Ethical Code in Student-Teacher University Relations

Elena Gologan, Oana Timofte

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)