Issue No.3/2020


Special Editor

Drs. Huib Wursten

Author and Consultant, Netherlands




Huib Wursten


Innovation, Agility and Culture 

Huib Wursten, Thomas Imfeld, Martin Karaffa


What Else Is New? Managing Innovation in Different Cultures 

Fernando Lanzer


So We Innovated … Now What? 

Sjaak Pappe


How Cutting-Edge 21st. Century Tech Giants Are “Crushing It” Simultaneously Pulverizing and Diminishing Start-Up and Small Business Innovation

Eric Alexander de Groot


Towards A Learning Culture for Sustainable Knowledge Productivity: The 21st Century Growth Engine for Value Creation 

Joseph Kessels


Culture and Science in Romania. Evidence from World Values Survey 

Liviu Warter, Iulian Warter


Towards A Culture of Innovation. How Could The Innovative Spirit Be Cultivated in The Romanian University Environment?

Anton Carpinschi

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)