Issue No.4/2020



Liviu Warter


National Happiness and National Culture: What’s The Link?

Paulo Finuras


Rethinking Supply Chains as Neighborhoods

Matt Kammer-Kerwick, Kara Takasaki, Bruce Kellison, Gregory P. Pogue, Arthur B. Markman


Decoding Hidden Cultures—A Strategic Competence for Virtual Teams and Remote Management

Thomas D. Zweifel


The Fake Populist Threat to the Really Existing Maastricht Empire

Slawomir Magala


Captive Mind Syndrome and the Society of the Spectacle

Anton Carpinschi


Ethical Wealth Is Not a Paradox: The Talmudic Guide to Prosperity

Hershey Friedman


Culture and Tolerance in Romania. Evidence from World Values Survey

Iulian Warter, Liviu Warter


Turning Sartre’s Hell into A Terrestrial Paradise through Transactional Analysis and Coaching

Arielle Rosinski, Philippe Rosinski


The Economy of Communion as Praxeological Model for Ecomeny?

Ciprian Bradu, Silviu Petre

Journal of intercultural management and ethics (jime)